Modern Man is a wondrous being. Within a relatively paltry 50,000 years since Behavioral Modernity, we have managed to build a 500 acre temple complex, fling a hunk of metal 2.1 billion kilometers into space, and, of course, beat Dark Souls using only bananas.  We righ...

Games have defined goals and interactions. Most games are set on a rigid set of tracks that the player traverses. The outcomes are known, or at least predictable. The Game Designers are the ultimate Gods of the game world. We are merely manifesting what they wanted man...

One common vein running through life and games alike is strife. Battles have to be won, compromises have to be made, and once you take a few moments off to bask in the glory of your struggle, you pick your sword up again and get right back in. 

Out of the...


The last couple of centuries has seen some of the greatest social, political and technological upheavals mankind has ever seen, changing life as we (or rather, our forefathers) had known forever. Significant contributions to this change were made by Democra...

November 6, 2016

The fact that beauty is still a hotly debated topic today after centuries of contemplation, research and academic discourse is a sign of the subject’s intricacy and intangibility. Views have been formed, refuted, reinstated and scrapped again over time, with each versi...

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January 22, 2019

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